What is Brisbot?

Brisbot is a chat bot that gives answers and advice to many of the questions and problems that children face today. Brisbot answers directly in Facebook Messenger and in Kik. It is designed by Swedish helpline BRIS, and all answers are written by professional child counselors.

How does Brisbot work?

Brisbot is loaded with hundreds of questions from kids, with answers written by counselors. It does not respond to open questions, instead the user will navigate through pre-programmed professional advice. There is a free-text function that tries to guide to the right area or subject. This part is still under construction.

Why Brisbot?

We believe that no matter what the problem is, talking to someone is always a good start. But children don’t communicate the way grown-ups do and some hesitate to use the BRIS helpline for support. We’ve developed Brisbot to give advice directly in Kik and Facebook Messenger, two popular messaging apps that many kids use all the time.

What is BRIS?

BRIS is a Swedish, non-profit children´s rights organization that runs a national helpline for children and teenagers. Every day we have contact with kids through our website, phone, chat and mail conversation. Brisbot is not a substitute, but an addition to our regular support.

Can you be anonymous?

All questions and answers are pre-written and do not contain personal information. If you want to be sure that no-one finds the conversation while snooping around in your phone, be sure to delete the chat after you’re done.

Does Brisbot replace human counselors?

Absolutely not. BRIS ordinary support with chat, mail and phone will operate as usual. The Brisbot is a way to broaden the support. The support is limited to general questions and answers, but also the bot is built as a way in to the ordinary support. If you need to get something off your chest Brisbot makes it easier to get started.

What if the bot can’t answer?

Building a data-bank that can answer all questions is impossible. Our goal is to give Brisbot as much qualified information as we can, and to continue developing it. But there will always be gaps. Kids will be able to choose whether they are happy or not with the response, and if they want more help we’ll link to the regular support.


Send us an email at hello@brisbot.com. For more information on Bris, visit bris.se/english

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